Agenda for TES October Board Discussion 

 Technology  Committee  


BEGINNING QUESTION ... How well does TES Leverage Technology?


Ronnie K. Background (

- Professional background

WGN TV - film editor in Chicago - 2 yrs

Computer consultant for global computer corp - 6 yrs

Founder Kaufman Group, Inc, a North American consulting firm - 16 yrs

Founder, an internet company used globally - 10 yrs

- Board backgrounds

CAI - 850 family conservative synagogue

TJCF - Tucson Jewish Community Foundation ($100 million in assets)

ICFSAZ - International Coach Federation of Southern AZ

DRI - Divorce Recovery, Inc

- Other actvities


- Technology Accomplishments at TES

- Library

Engineered technology for R.Ken's library vision & making it a reality

Library software implementation

Design online library catalog

Video Recording of R.Ken's "Meet the Author Series"


- R.Joshua Mussar shiur podcasts

- TES Webpages shortcut links

-  Congregants access to streaming events

- Help Kathy as she requires technology assistance

- Assist R.Julie with Shul School Tech needs


- Technology Possibilities at TES

- Standard protection for web security on the network

- Automate online event signups and payment collections

- All events in newsletters to have an "Add to Calendar" button

- Online Giftshop Catalog for this coming Chanukah

- Computer Hardware upgrades and additions

- Sound engineering services


- Technology Consulting Services Offered to Committees

- Surveys

- Standalone webpages

- Office applications of sorts

- Other


- How could TES Admin and Congregant's benefit (or not) from enhanced use of technology?

- What if TES chooses to stay Status Quo?

- What if TES chooses to move to the Future?

- What if?