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Emma Lazarus Community Library Mission Statement

Introduction to the Library Mission Statement

The Emma Lazarus Jewish Community Library and its collection is owned and operated by Temple Emek Shalom of Ashland, Oregon.  Temple Emek Shalom is affiliated with the Reconstructionist movement in Judaism, which views Judaism and the Jewish people as a creative “civilization” that encompasses and encourages all expressions of Jewish life, spiritual and secular, and fosters dialogue and mutual understanding among peoples of all faiths and backgrounds. 

  • Compile and maintain a collection of books and other educational materials that records and reflects the historic and comprehensive experience of Judaism and the Jewish people, and the varied expressions of Jewish life.

  • To make the collection available and accessible to the members of Temple Emek Shalom and their families, so as to support the educational programs of TES and further the learning of its congregants.

  • To serve as a resource to the people of the Rogue Valley, and to our community’s religious and educational institutions, so as to foster and further knowledge of Judaism and the Jewish people among our neighbors.

  • To carry out all activities in a fiscally responsible manner.



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