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Library Policies

Section One:  Borrowing and Returning Books

  1. Borrowing Privileges

    1. All members ofTempl Emek Shalom have borrowing privileges at the TES Library.

    2. Non-TES members may be granted full privileges of the TES Library by becoming a Friend of the Library for an annual fee of $36.

    3. Borrowers agree that they will abide by the rules and policies of the Library.

  2. Materials Available for Borrowing

    1. Unless otherwise indicated, all books contained in the Library catalogue may be    borrowed.  (Note: Throughout these policy statements, the term “books” refers also to  other educational materials in the collection, as well as audio and video  tapes and cassettes.)

    2. Reference books and books placed on “Reserve” may not be borrowed. Books   that may not be borrowed are so indicated in the catalogue, and contain cards   stating “May Not Circulate

  3. Borrowing Process

    1. Borrowers must complete the check-out card in thefrontofthebook supplying the required information (borrower’s name and telephone    number, and the date the book is checked out).  Cards should then be placed in the  “Books Checked Out” box in the Library.

  4. Borrowing Period and Renewals

    1. Borrowed books must be returned to the Library by the end of the borrowing  period.
    2. TES congregants must return borrowed books within three weeks from the date of checkout.  
    3. All other borrowers must return borrowed books within two weeks from the date of checkout.orrowers who wish to renew books for another borrowing period should request a renewal by contacting a TES Librarian (
  5. Returning Books

    1. Borrowers who fail to return books within two weeks after the borrowing period has concluded will reimburse the Library for the purchase price of the book.

    2. Borrowed books must be returned to the Library in the same condition in which they left.

    3. Borrowers who damage books will reimburse the Library for the purchase price  of the book.

    4. Borrowers should return books by placing them on the “Book Return” cart in the Library.  Note: Borrowers should not return books to the Library shelves.They should return books by placing them on the “Book Return” cart in the Library. 


Book Donations

Section Two: Donations and Deacquisitions

  1. Donating Books

    1. Anyone wishing to donate books or other materials to the TES Library should            first check with the Librarian to make certain that the books can be accepted.

    2. The Library accepts books on subjects that are consistent with and further the       Library’s mission.

    3. The Library prefers books that are published in hardcopy, unmarked, and in good to excellent condition.

    4. The Library prefers that multi-volume sets donated to the Library be complete.

    5. Except in certain circumstances, the Library does not accept duplicates of books     in the collection.

  2. Acknowledgement of  Donations

    1. TES will send a letter to each donor acknowledging her/his donation to the Library.

    2. Letters of acknowledgement will contain a brief description of the donation          including the number of books donated and a general description of the books.

    3. Neither TES nor the Library will place a value on donated books.  Donors who    wish to claim their donations as “non-cash contributions” should consult IRS      rules and guidelines.

  3. Deacquisitions

    1. From time to time, books will be culled from the Library collection if:

    2. The book is in such poor condition that it can no longer circulate;

    3. A duplicate book in better condition and/or in a better format (i.e., hardcopy rather than paperback) has been acquired.

    4. Books culled from the Library collection will be sold at the annual Library Book Sale event, added to the TES for burial in accordance with TES practice, or disposed of in an appropriate manner.


Section Three:  Use of the Library

  1. Use of the Library

    1. Patrons may use the Library during TES business hours, and at other designated       times. (Note: The TES Library consists of three related areas:  the Library room,        the Education Center (located in the Conference Room adjoining the Library        room) and the Children’s Corner (located in the foyer immediately outside the            Library room).

    2. All who use the Library should treat it with respect.  While food and drink is     allowed in the Library, patrons are expected to keep the Library clean, and       dispose of all trash in the proper receptacles.

    3. Patrons who remove books from the shelves should return the books to the “Book    Return” cart in the Library. The Librarians will return the books to the shelves to       ensure that all books are in order.

    4. Those who wish to use the Library room for classes, meetings, religious services,      or other activities should contact the TES Administrative Office for scheduling.

    5. The Library room may be rearranged to accommodate classes, meetings,         religious services, or other activities. When the activity has concluded,  the room should be returned to its original arrangement, and books, materials,    furniture and equipment brought into the Library should be removed.

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