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Library 8 Point Vision Statements

January 18, 2018

Vision #1:  The TES Library will serve as a focus of Jewish education and study for adults, children, and families of our congregation, by sponsoring a variety of ongoing classes, seminars, book discussions and reviews, and other educational activities and events.  

Vision #2: 
Reflecting the congregation’s outreach to the unaffiliated, the TES Library will house educational programs that addreess the needs of  unaffiliated Jews and Jewish families in Southern Oregon and Northern California, affording them a path towards affiliation.


Vision #3:  In cooperation with religious organizations of all faiths, the TES Library will serve as an ongoing resource for and focus of interfaith education in the Rogue Valley.


Vision #4:  In an effort to increase knowledge and teaching of Jewish history and thought at Southern Oregon University, the TES Library will make its online catalogue available to faculty and students at SOU


Vision #5:  The TES Library room will be designed and furnished so as to create a warm and welcoming, informal atmosphere that encourages use of the room and the collection.  To this end, it will be open and staffed at designated times throughout the week, during educational activities and events, and at designated times before, after and perhaps during religious services.


Vision #6:  To ensure that it maintains the breadth and depth of the collection, the  TES Library will purchase at least 15-20 new volumes annually.


Vision #7:  The TES Library collection will purchase and/or lease select online resources in Judaica and Hebraica, and will make those resources available to all members of the congregation.


Vision #8:  The TES Library will sponsor fundraising events and activities, and pursue foundation grants, in an effort to bring the Library as close as possible to financial self-sufficiency

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