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Mussar is an ancient pathway within Judaism that has been reinvigorated in contemporary times. Here at Temple Emek Shalom, we have six ongoing groups that meet weekly to track this practice of “embodied Jewish ethics” in their lives, to hold each other accountable and to support one another with love.


In addition to this weekly meeting (va’ad), the groups gather as one collective to hear a shiur, or structured Torah teaching, once a week. This year’s theme for the shiurim is “Where Mussar and Mysticism Kiss.


Special Acknowledgement

Our Mussar community is grateful for the continued relationship to Rabbi Ira Stone and the Center for Contemporary Mussar.

  Mussar Shiurs with Rabbi Joshua Boettiger 2019-2020 

Rabbi Stone and Beulah Trey are co-authors of "In Search of the Holy Life: Rediscovering the Kabbalistic Roots of Mussar." (<= Click link to purchase)


Note: The commentary and translation of Tomer Devora is what Rabbi Joshua will be basing the topics of the shiurs he will be presenting this year to the TES Mussar Students.


  • To watch today's Live Shiur on your PC, MAC or Smartphone,
    click this link to connect via Zoom

    Note: An application launch box may appear. Select "Zoom Meeting" and click "Open Link".

  • Or to listen by phone call: +1 669 900 6833 account 541 488 2909.


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