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  The People of the Books - A Literary Study of the Jewish People  

Rabbi Ken will facilitate this new Library Study Program
It represents a literary discussion series that explores the rich and varied literary traditions of the Jewish people. This year we will focus on novels and short stories.

Future series will explore Jewish poets, playwrights, screenwriters, and lyricists.

Meetings will be held every other month in the library and begin at 3:30 and conclude by 5:00.
Important Request
: Rabbi Ken asks prior to each meeting, that you have already read the assigned material listed for that session so you will be prepared to participate in what is to be an expected lively group discussion (readings are listed in the full description of each event.)

Refreshments: Wine from a local winery, cheese and crackers, coffee, and tea.


RSVPs: So that we may better plan each event, we ask you to RSVP via these webpages, Thank you.

NOTE: This event is FREE to Emek Shalom and Havurah members as part of their yearly membership dues. For non-members, there is a $10 fee per event.

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We Jews proudly accepted the title that the Quran bestowed upon us fifteen hundred years ago: we are “the people of the Book.” But, in truth, that title is not entirely accurate. Perhaps a better description is that we Jews are “The People of the Books.”


We have created not one but many literary traditions; written in dozens of languages; expressed in poetry and prose; appearing in books and manuscripts,in music and on stage and screen.

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 Upcoming Literary Study Groups 

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