Mussar Shiur: Compassion - the 7th Middah

with Rabbi Joshua Boettiger, recorded 1/15/20 in Ashland, OR. Podcast time: 20:34

Podcast Summary: Practice Point-1: Allow for a deeper appreciation and closeness with those you have forgiven than those who have never wronged you.

Editor's Notes: For me, having compassion for others starts with learning to have compassion for oneself. I also think to compare a Tzaddik to someone who has done Teshuva may be comparing apples and oranges. I believe when someone learns to do Teshuva ... and then practices living this Teshuva every day, they then have the opportunity for true transformation and become the act of Teshuva itself.

It is my understanding ... "the most special thing about a Tzaddik is that they really are the most human of human beings". And as a truly righteous person, they do not perform hurtful deeds onto others that they need to do teshuva for.

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