Shiur #110: Tender Curiosity - the 5th Middah

with Rabbi Joshua Boettiger, recorded 12/4/19 in Ashland, OR. Podcast time: 13:06

Podcast Summary n/a

We continue the focus of the fourth middah on how to work with anger. The fifth middah suggests tender curiosity can be an antidote for a mind fixated on resentment.

Editor's Notes

My take-away from this shiur was quite a joyful gift. And this gift was just two words ...


The thought of these words two words joined together makes me smile from the inside-out.

And as I wrote this note, I made these two words a new practice for me to begin reminding myself every day to openly approach the world around me with a personal awareness of "Tender-Curiosity" ... and not only when I am feeling anger ... but importantly, when I am feeling love too.

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