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Our Library Mission Statement

Welcome to Emma Lazarus Community Library. Our Library Mission encourages Jewish literacy through our library resources.

Our Library Policies

To ensure our library integrity, we have created a set of Library Policies. These policies act as a strong set of guidelines to what our library patrons can expect of us and what we can expect from our library patrons.


Our 8 Point Library Vision Statement

These Statements outline how we will maintain our Library Mission Statement today and continue in its progressive offerings to our congregation and community at large in the future.
(See our complete 8 Point Vision Statement)

About the Library

Enjoy our wonderful collection of over 3800 Jewish themed  books in many diverse categories that will sure to interest your intellect.


Library Volunteers

We have a active team of library volunteers performing many services beyond libraian duties that keep our library programs functioning smoothly. 


We Are a User-Friendly Library 

We have organized and labeled our book selves by topics so you can easily browse our book shelves and find books of interest.



Welcome and Shalom

Online Book Catalog 

All our books are easily found on our easy to use online Library Catalog making it simple to search out books by title, subject or author ... from great Jewish philosophers ... to the psychology of parenting ... and so much more.


Jewish Family Research Center

Our new Jewish Family Resource Center is designed to promote Jewish Family education and to build & maintain Jewish Family values.


Children's Corner

The Children's Corner contains kids books and other resources for the youngest members of our congregation (and their parents, grandparents and teachers) that encourge children to engage in books


Upcoming Educational Programs
Our programs for 2019-2020 feature two outstanding educational opportunities.


The Meet the Authors series of 7 intriguing presentation topics. They are held the 1st Sunday each month starting November 3. These talks act as an introduction to the rich and varied resources in our library.


The People of the Books Literary Study Group, meets every other month. It explores the Jewish literary heritage from biblical times to present day. Starts October 17th.

Library Features and Offerings

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